How to Make a Minecraft Bedrock Server 2021 | Start to Finish Set-up

This is a tutorial on how to make your own Minecraft Bedrock server here in 2021! In this video I go over everything you need to know / do to set up a Bedrock server. This includes: choosing between a realm and a server, how to join servers, how to purchase your server, how to set-up your server, how to change the world on your server, and how to set up a whitelist. Servers are awesome as compared to realms. They have much more customization and can be ran for cheaper than a realm.

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How to join servers on Xbox & Nintendo Switch:

Link to Wither Hosting:

0:00 – 0:33 – Intro
0:33 – 3:57 – Realms vs servers
3:57 – 6:02 – How to join servers
6:02 – 15:21 – Getting a server
15:21 – 19:34 – Joining your server
19:34 – 21:32 – Changing the world
21:32 – 24:09 – Setting up a whitelist
24:09 – 25:20 – Outro

Check out these links below:





Second Channel:

Cá cược Fi88 - Nhà cái hàng đầu châu Á 


Tanks for watching 🙂

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